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About us

India’s leading platform of pre-owned luxury watches, Second Movement is the ultimate destination for selling your luxury watch, or buying a pre-owned timepiece. The platform is powered by Ethos Watch Boutiques—India's largest retailer of luxury watches—giving the team behind Second Movement the unique experience of understanding the high-end watch market and consumers of luxury goods. With this well-fortified foundation and unparalleled experience in luxury retail, we endeavour to fulfil the needs of budding enthusiasts, avid aficionados, and veteran collectors alike.

A high-quality selection

We at Second Movement are proud to uphold true global quality standards, while ensuring that we offer our customers the widest variety of luxury watches. With luxury watch owners increasingly looking to trade up, and the buying demand for pre-owned watches growing every day, our catalogue is constantly evolving. Moreover, our certificated service centre is committed to bringing used watches back to their original glory, ensuring exceptional quality.

An assurance of authenticity

Each pre-owned watch we receive is examined by discerning eyes for authenticity. Any dubious watches are returned to the seller, while only genuine products are added to our inventory. The watches that pass this evaluation are brought to optimum operating standards, without compromising on their value, before they enter our curated catalogue of pre-owned watches for sale.

One-year guarantee

With the refurbishing of each watch added to our catalogue, we take full responsibility for its performance for at least one year, just like a warranty offered with a brand new watch.