32 BVLGARI Watches


    2019 41 Mm

    ₹ 3,25,000


    40 Mm

    ₹ 1,95,000


    41 Mm
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    37 Mm
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    40 Mm
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  6. BVLGARISerpenti

    2016 35 Mm
    sold out
  7. BVLGARISotirio

    2019 42 Mm
    sold out
  8. BVLGARIAssioma

    2010 38 Mm
    sold out

    2009 42 Mm
    sold out
  10. BVLGARIOcto

    2020 41 Mm
    sold out
  11. BVLGARIOcto

    2017 40 Mm
    sold out
  12. BVLGARIAssioma

    2014 38 Mm
    sold out
  13. BVLGARIOcto

    2019 41 Mm
    sold out

    2012 26 Mm
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    2012 41 Mm
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  16. BVLGARISotirio

    2020 42 Mm
    sold out
  17. BVLGARIOcto

    2020 40 Mm
    sold out

    2021 40 Mm
    sold out
  19. BVLGARILvcea

    2020 33 Mm
    sold out

    2019 39 Mm
    sold out
  21. BVLGARIAssioma

    2008 48 Mm
    sold out
  22. BVLGARIAssioma

    2016 48 Mm
    sold out
  23. BVLGARIDiagono

    2018 42 Mm
    sold out
  24. BVLGARIOcto

    2021 40 Mm
    sold out

    2022 40 Mm
    sold out
  26. BVLGARISerpenti

    2019 35 Mm
    sold out
  27. BVLGARIDiagono

    2017 42 Mm
    sold out
  28. BVLGARIAssioma

    2017 35 Mm
    sold out
  29. BVLGARISerpenti

    2021 35 Mm
    sold out
  30. BVLGARIOcto

    2022 43 Mm
    sold out

    2022 41 Mm
    sold out
  32. BVLGARIDiagono

    2010 40 Mm
    sold out

Bringing the Grandeur of Jewellery-Making Into the Measurement of Time

Fascinating serpents, glamour-imbuing gems, ethereal Roman touches – BVLGARI watches are characterised by a beautiful blend of instantly-recognisable house codes and watchmaking savoir-faire. They manifest Italian design distinction, Maison’s cultural legacy, and high luxury. With iconic collections and delectable design elements, BVLGARI watches are an invitation to a land of beauty and refinement. 

Tracing BVLGARI’s Celebrated Roots

BVLGARI was born in Rome in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari. After a humble store at Via Sistina, BVLGARI opened another boutique on Via Condotti, which over the years became a favourite hangout place for the crème de la crème of the society. Why? Ever since Sotirio’s sons joined the company, they dedicated themselves to creating high-end jewellery that was distinguishable and unique. This desire for singularity and supremacy pushed them to curate a signature design aesthetic for the brand that ultimately became a touchstone of jewellery design. 

In 1977, the Maison entered the horological landscape with a veritable watch icon – BVLGARI BVLGARI timepiece. The case of the watch featuring the brand signature in perpetual fashion draws inspiration from the Roman coins. The BVLGARI BVLGARI watch became an instant hit and is one of the most recognisable and loved collections from the brand even today.  

To bring their peerless precision and craftsmanship into the art of watchmaking, BVLGARI decided to vertically integrate itself with the foundation of Bulgari Haute Horlogerie SA in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. This manufacture enabled the brand to bring all the facets of watchmaking under one roof, from developing watch components to movements. 

BVLGARI Watches – Representing the Perfect Balance of Form and Function

All the watch collections by BVLGARI are defined by Maison’s strong signatures, design genius, and engineering expertise to achieve an at once glamorous, classic, and luxurious effect.

Certainly, the most popular watch collection by BVLGARI is the Serpenti. It’s a magical collection that enthrals with you its sensuous design, dramatic imitation of a serpent’s form, and the brand’s ingenious Tubogas bands. Each timepiece is a marriage of jewellery and watchmaking. With the serpent’s head as the case and a bracelet that wraps snugly around the wrist, BVLGARI Serpenti is a vision to behold. 

If Serpenti represents the brand’s design excellence, Octo – released in 2017 – represents the brand’s virtuosity in function. A men’s collection, Octo derives its name from the octagonal shape of its case featuring pared-down elegance that best suits the esoteric tastes of BVLGARI patrons. Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar made a world record of being the slimmest perpetual calendar watch ever made, housing a 2.75mm BVL 305 calibre. 

Women’s collections like LVCEA and Divas’ Dream celebrate feminine charm and elegance in the most refined fashion. The use of colours, gemstones, and artistic elements in these watches infuses the art of watchmaking with a poetic sensibility. These bold collections are designed for women who endorse audacity wrapped in grace. 

Over 130 years of producing horological marvels have made BVLGARI a heritage watch brand. Today, BVLGARI watches have become more than instruments to measure time but heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to another. 

Important BVLGARI Collections

  1. Assioma
  2. BVLGARI Aluminium
  4. Diagono
  5. Lvcea
  6. Octo
  7. Serpenti
  8. Sotirio

What is special about BVLGARI?

BVLGARI has always been a force of transformation in the world of horology, courtesy of its unceasing pursuit of excellence and innovation. Not only has the brand made records for creating the thinnest timepiece, but is also a pioneer in making the thinnest tourbillon and the thinnest minute repeater. Accomplishments like these make BVLGARI and its watches super sought-after.

Which are the most popular BVLGARI watch collections in India?

Serpenti is the most popular and most recognisable watch by the house. Octo is another highly revered collection, it has won several awards for being the thinnest watch ever. Timepieces from the BVLGARI BVLGARI line are also widely coveted.

How do I know if my BVLGARI watch is authentic?

BVLGARI is a heritage brand making fine jewellery and watches for over a century. Consequently, the level of craftsmanship BVLGARI watches bear is hard to replicate. If your timepiece has misaligned text or improper finishing, it probably is a knock-off. Also, the BVLGARI label, whether engraved or printed, is always in capital letters and never small.

Where can I buy an authentic pre-owned BVLGARI watch?

Second Movement is one of India’s leading platforms for buying pre-owned luxury watches with a wide and versatile selection. We guarantee 100% authenticity, a two-year warranty, and a seven-day easy return.

Where can I sell my BVLGARI watch?

Selling your luxury watch is easy with Second Movement — one of India's most well-organised resale platforms. We have a simple four-step resell process and offer continued support to our customers throughout the journey. Know more.

Where can I get my pre-owned BVLGARI watch serviced?

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