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  1. Jacob & Co.Palatial

    2022 42 Mm
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  2. Jacob & Co.Epic 1

    2017 51 Mm
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  3. Jacob & Co.Epic X Chrono

    2022 47 Mm
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  4. Jacob & Co.Palatial

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  6. Jacob & Co.Palatial

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Jacob & Co. is an American luxury brand renowned for its exceptional jewellery and futuristic, fantastical watchmaking art. Its hypnotic timepieces are destined to inspire awe and have placed the brand in the vanguard of haute horlogerie, favoured by the likes of Jay-Z and Lionel Messi. Founded in 1986 by Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. began its journey as a jeweller, producing painstakingly-created design feats fueled by precious gemstones and indelible aesthetics. In no time, the founder was touted ‘Jacob The Jeweller’ by a number of a-list celebrities. However, this success was only a prelude to a greater achievement that awaited the house. In 2002, Arabo introduced the revolutionary Five Time Zone watch. It was a magical timepiece with transitional powers and displayed five time zones in addition to the local time. Naomi Campbell wore it on the cover of Vogue, immediately positioning the house at one of the highest echelons of the luxury watch market. 


The New Face Of Haute Horlogerie — Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. watches are complete shake-ups of traditional watchmaking and are invariably cool. The house’s current collections are an assortment of eccentric concepts and engineering savoir faire. Case in point — the Quenttin. It was the world’s first vertical tourbillon with a whopping 31-day power reserve, introduced by Arabo in 2007. With such revolutionary creations, the message was clear — Jacob & Co.’s goal was to bring impossible pieces to life and make watches that the world had never seen before.

The brand’s most famous collection — Astronomia — is home to some of the most extraordinary timepieces. The most standout feature of the collection is the four rotating satellite arms that move on their axes and are positioned below the domed sapphire crystal. With Tourbillon, Solar, Art, Sky, Maestro, and more versions, Astronomia is an impressive horological book with a litany of interesting watchmaking stories. 

Twin Turbo is Jacob & Co’s response to calls from gearheads for some high-speed haute horology. The beast of a watch draws parallels from the design of sports cars. While its case mimics the hood of a car, the crown is shaped like a car door handle, and the time display echoes the aesthetics of a car dashboard. It comes with twin triple-axis tourbillons in the lower half of the watch. Like most Jacob & Co. watches, Twin Turbo and all its iterations, including Furious, Furious Baguette, Furious Sapphire Crystal, and more, are visual marvels.

The Epic collection, consisting of Epic X and Epic SF24 watches, epitomises functional watchmaking presented in a futuristic form. The aesthetic trope is artistic, the craftsmanship is alchemistic, and the mechanism is boundary-breaking in each Jacob & Co. Epic watch.

Jacob & Co. Collaborations

Jacob & Co. is as loved for its nonconformity as it is for its collaborations with some of the world’s most revered names in various industries. Since 2019, Jacob & Co. has joined forces with different worlds that share the same spirit and fascination as itself to explore the limits of watchmaking innovation. Some of the most renowned collaborations happened with Buggati for the Bugatti Twin Turbo watch, Paramount Pictures for an exclusive Opera Godfather watch, and Universal Pictures for a Scarface-themed Opera watch. In addition, the maison partnered with Lionel Messi for an Epic X Chrono Messi limited-edition, with Supreme for a luxurious rendition of the Five Time Zone, and with Warner Brothers and DC for a Batman-themed timepiece.


Important Jacob & Co. Collections

  1. Epic 1
  2. Epic X
  3. Epic X Chrono
  4. Palatial

What is special about Jacob & Co.?

Jacob & Co. timepieces are watchmaking masterpieces. Their extraordinary, futuristic designs bolstered by unparalleled mechanical savoir faire make them the perfect choice for any lover of haute horology.

Which are the most popular Jacob & Co. watch collections in India?

Astronomia is the most popular collection of Jacob & Co. Other lines, such as the Twin Turbo, Epic, Opera, and their limited editions, are much sought-after amongst collectors.

Where can I buy an authentic pre-owned Jacob & Co. watch?

Second Movement is one of India’s leading platforms for buying pre-owned luxury watches with a wide and versatile selection. We guarantee 100% authenticity, a two-year warranty, and a seven-day easy return.

Where can I sell my Jacob & Co. watch?

Selling your luxury watch is easy with Second Movement — one of India's most well-organised resale platforms. We have a simple four-step resell process and offer continued support to our customers throughout the journey. Know more.

Where can I get my pre-owned Jacob & Co. watch serviced?

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