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  1. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2021 43.20 Mm
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  2. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2020 45.4 Mm
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  3. Louis MoinetMechanical Wonders

    2021 44 Mm
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  4. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2022 45.4 Mm
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  5. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2021 45.4 Mm
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  6. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2023 45.4 Mm
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  7. Louis MoinetMechanical Wonders

    2019 43.2 Mm
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  8. Louis MoinetCosmic Art

    2022 45.4 Mm
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  9. Louis MoinetMechanical Wonders

    2020 43.2 Mm
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Louis Moinet Watches - Revolutionary Beginnings

The inventor of the chronograph and several other instruments of precision, a horologist and a pioneer Louis Moinet has a legacy that the horological world still marvels at. Hence, it is not really surprising that Moinet’s namesake is one of the biggest luxury watch brands in the market.

Also trained as a sculptor and painter, Louis Moinet invented the chronograph in 1816. In addition, he was the mastermind behind several kinds of astronomical watches, alarm clocks, and unique watch mechanisms that changed the course of horology forever. Moinet’s ‘Traite d’Horlogeri’ is still celebrated as the first watchmaking encyclopaedia that puts forward the technical intricacies of this field.

More than a century after Moinet revolutionised the world of horology with his creations, the Les Atelier Louis Moinet brand was put forth by watchmaker Jean-Marie Schaller in the second half of the 21st century to revive Moinet’s vision. Schaller, hailing from the Jura Mountains, was surrounded by watchmakers growing up and acknowledged the beauty of horology pretty early on. Hence, the story of Les Atelier Louis Moinet is the meeting point of two watchmakers separated by time, united by the love for watches.

Les Atelier Louis Moinet has its headquarter in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland and is the producer of limited edition watches that are nothing short of works of art. With exclusivity, uniqueness, art and design, and creative horology lying at the heart of Les Atelier Louis Moinet, the brand is committed to re-establishing Louis Moinet’s vision and blending it with today's technology.

Louis Moinet Watches - Independence & Perfection

Les Atelier Louis Moinet functions as an independent brand, creating high-end and exclusive watches that uphold traditional watchmaking values and incorporate today’s modern technology.

Supported by the concept of limited edition and exclusive mechanical art, the watches of this luxury brand often have exotic materials. These include a Martian or lunar meteorite or even fossilised palm tree. The use of such materials further increases its exclusivity, with the company only producing a few hundred pieces every year.

The designs of the time pieces at Les Atelier Louis Moinet are heavily influenced by Louis Moinet’s ‘Traite d’Horlogeri’. The brand dedicatedly creates unique watches, with every element, from the cases to the straps, handcrafted to perfection.

In the pursuit of the finest horology, Les Atelier Louis Moinet works with various independent artisans from different parts of the world to utilise their insight and expertise.

The clientele of Les Atelier Louis Moinet consists of a long list of notable names, including the King of Malaysia.

Invention For The Sake Of Art - Louis Moinet Watches

The watches at Les Atelier Louis Moinet often feature natural or cosmic elements, keeping in line with the brand pillars - creative horology, uniqueness, art, design and exclusivity. A watch, according to Jean-Marie Schaller, should be in harmony with the values that we harbour within us as human beings.

With notable flagship collections, namely, the Mechanical Wonders, Cosmic Art, and Islamic Collection, the brand has created several forms of excellence, catering to every taste.

The Mechanical Wonders collection offers the perfect combination of the latest technology with timeless designs. On the other hand, the Cosmic Art line incorporates watches paying a nod to the vast and endless universe around us. This collection has models that feature extraterrestrial material like meteorites, making the watches truly exotic works of art. The Islamic Collection has only five pieces, with each design depicting the aesthetics of a particular mosque. Recently, the Hope Probe Tourbillon model received the Best Tourbillon Watch award. The recent Fire Dragon collection is a new one-of-a-kind art watch, featuring the powerful symbol of a dragon and the exclusive “Fire Dragon" Tourbillon movement, beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour.

The future seems to be just as brilliant for Les Atelier Louis Moinet, if not more, with several notable events lined up and the research and development team of the brand hinting at even more unique creations.