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  1. Vacheron ConstantinPatrimony

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  2. Vacheron ConstantinRoyal Eagle

    2011 37 Mm
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  3. Vacheron ConstantinPatrimony

    2012 35 Mm
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  4. Vacheron ConstantinOverseas

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  5. Vacheron ConstantinTraditionnelle

    2022 41 Mm
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Vacheron Constantin: An Uninterrupted Tale of Fine Watchmaking

Over 265 years after the foundation, Vacheron Constantin underlines its dominance over the world of fine watchmaking, bringing about a beautiful balance of tradition and innovation. A flair that garners veneration from true collectors since every timepiece from the maison is a paradigm of excellence and originality. 

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch brand in the world that has been in continuous operation since its foundation in 1755. It all started when Jean-Marc Vacheron decided to open his workshop at the age of 24. With his first hired apprentice, Esaïe Jean François Hetie, he committed to faultless craftsmanship and brand longevity. A commitment well-preserved for more than two centuries! 

Jean-Marc’s grandson, Jacques-Barthélémi Vacheron, took over the reins of what was to become a great watch manufacturing brand in 1810. Along with many other achievements, Jacques-Barthélémi added an invaluable asset to the company – François Constantin – who gave the brand to its storied status and christened it: Vacheron Constantin. 

After producing a great many pocket watches furnished with complications and artistic engravings, the maison entered into the wristwatch landscape in 1889 with a women’s timepiece. From thereon, Vacheron Constantin, as a double-edged sword, began to create and dominate in both categories, pocket watches as well as wristwatches. The maison takes pride in being a choice of brand among royalty, presidents, and world leaders. 

Experience Timelessness Through Vacheron Constantin Watches

Every timepiece from Vacheron Constantin speaks of the maison’s heritage as the masters of fine watchmaking. Today, the brand’s catalogue comprises ten major collections, each of which brings something unique and creative to the table. 

One of the most successful styles by the house, Patrimony by Vacheron Constantin, is a modern interpretation of a classic round watch. It presents a controlled and curved architecture with creative style elements and technical details. The brand has equipped many of its Patrimony watches with Contemporaine Ultra-Thin, a minute repeater equipped with 1731 calibre, just over 8 mm thick. 

Bringing the magic of Haute horology onto your wrist is the Traditionnelle collection. Traditionnelle includes both elaborately-designed complex watches as well as simple, elegant ones, mostly powered by Vacheron Constantin mechanical movements and equipped with various complications such as minute repeater, tourbillon, moon phase, and chronograph. 

Vacheron Constantin launched its first sports watch in 1977 with Reference 222. Taking 222 as an inspiration, the maison launched a reinvented Overseas collection in 2016, which is now one of the brand's most loved collections. Overseas is not just a sports watch but an attitude that identifies with every traveller and explorer. Stripped of the excesses, Overseas watches are armed with just the essential elements, whether in design or function. With self-winding movement, high power reserve, water-resistance, and the interchangeable strap system, Vacheron Constantin Overseas watches can withstand any circumstances. 

Other collections like FiftySix, Historiques, Métiers d’Art, and more represent Vacheron Constantin’s design aesthetic and engineering excellence in the most refined fashion. They are outfitted with complex mechanisms, complications, and ingenious designs, resulting in truly collectible creations.