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Daniel Roth History - Upholding Traditions

The stellar contributions of Daniel Roth are recognised and celebrated endlessly in the world of horology. Roth worked in close quarters with the Chaumet brothers, the then owners of Breguet, and learnt to model his craft after the creations of the legendary Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Daniel Roth was able to bring the finesse of the master to the contemporary world. Roth’s reinvention of the Perpetual Calendar series 3130 and 3330, based on two iconic pocketwatches by A.L.Breguet, best portrays his skills on how one can transform a historical inspiration into a contemporary wristwatch. Further productions of Chronograph ref. 3237, Perpetual Calendar ref. 3050, Breguet 3350 Tourbillon put his career as a luxury horologist in the limelight.

Daniel Roth began his solo journey with his brand in the year 1989 with the sole purpose of rekindling the lost tradition of French horology within the contemporary world.

It is often rumoured that their atelier at Le Sentier produced around 400 watches every year. The period between 1990 and 1994 witnessed the introduction of the brand’s finest creations- C107 extra-plat, C147 two-counter chronograph, limited edition monopusher chronograph, C189 minute repeater, and the C187 tourbillon. Each of these inventions was endowed with the hallmark doubled ellipse case, arrow-shaped hands, and the famous Daniel Roth signature.

In 1995, Roth resorted to a new investor and employed 30 skilled watchmakers to drive the growth of his brand to new heights. However, with the shift in power, the brand also went through an aesthetical shift that strived for more sporty and contemporary designs. The brand grew aloof from its primary visions and was eventually handed to Bulgari in the year 2000, with the founder leaving a year later.

Daniel Roth Watches - The Mechanisms Of Success

The influences of working at Audemars Piguet and Breguet are prominent in the timepieces from the house of Daniel Roth. The traditional vision of watchmaking is thoroughly embodied in the contemporary timepieces that display its ethical principles and high regard for the history of horology. Each watch hides behind its glamorous appearance a keen eye for the selection of materials, meticulous craftsmanship and assembly, and polished finishing touches to cater to the wants of watch aficionados.

Although the house operates on experimentation, there are certain elements that have been incorporated into the framework from its very beginning. For instance, the use of the double ellipse case immediately segregated Daniel Roth from other emerging brands. Each case is enamoured in 18K gold or platinum and flat sapphire glass. The dials follow the British style portraying multi-level gold, arrow-shaped hands in blue steel, Roman numerals engraved with a burin, and the quintessential signature of Daniel Roth, much in the fashion of Breguet.

Roth’s early watches bore testaments of handcrafted brilliance from the movements to the dials. Each timepiece was minutely engraved and finished for intricacy. More so, almost all the watches relied on ébauches from Lemania, instead of in-house production.

Daniel Roth Philosophy - Balance Between The Old And The New

The adherence to the traditional school of horology is an unmistakable trait in Daniel Roth, both the man and the brand. Roth’s continuation of the ways of A.L.Breguet in his young brand in the nuances of styling his pieces, classic hand-finish details, and a picky selection of materials express the respect that he has for the maestro. However, it is true that Roth did much more than plainly imitate his inspiration. Daniel Roth cemented its reputation as a brand where tradition meets innovation. This guiding philosophy drove the man and his namesake to the peak of their success in the matter of a few years, and to be still remembered as an unmatched luxury icon in Haute Horlogerie.