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A bold attitude, robust construction, and technical prowess define NORQAIN’s adventurous aesthetic. It’s a young brand that believes in exploring and conquering the outdoors and hence, makes certain that timekeeping is never a hindrance in the face of adventure. Born in Nidau — the heart of Swiss watchmaking — in 2018, NORQAIN is an independent, family-owned house with CEO Ben Küffer at the helm. The house distinguishes itself in the highly-competitive and mammoth world of sports watches by fostering their unique ‘mountaineering spirit’. NORQAIN’s impressive logo features two N’s positioned side by side to mimic mountain tops, setting straight the narrative it wants to champion. Watches by the brand keep strength and resilience close to the heart through original, ergonomic design elements and high-performance mechanical movements. Each timepiece is Swiss-made, signifying not just the genesis of the watch but the legacy of the brand as well. 

Exuding Wanderlust And The Desire To Explore — NORQAIN Watch Collections

NORQAIN’s streamlined catalogue comprises three watch collections — Adventure, Freedom and Independence. Each collection narrates a tale of action and adventure, inspiring patrons to navigate uncharted waters, ascend the highest trails, and reinvent the wheel. Such passionate beliefs are manifested through a clean design language that promotes legibility, practical functions, and high-precision mechanisms that stimulate reliability.

Balancing the awe-inspiring aesthetics of the Wild One, including the intriguing snowflake dials and textured straps, with a high-horology Skeleton special edition, the Independence collection warrants the brand's versatility and exhibits its watchmaking prowess. On the other hand, Freedom and Adventure collections are a culmination of desirable watch categories. They run the gamut from sports to dress watches and GMT to chronograph models. 

NORQAIN Watches — Doing More Than Just Telling Time

Most conspicuous amongst NORQAIN watches is its passion for the great outdoors. As a consequence, the house not only believes in enjoying nature but also in protecting it. Since its inception, the brand has focused its energy on giving back to the community and nature through its timepieces. Neverest, one of the most popular models by NORQAIN, is dedicated to supporting the families of sherpas who have lost their lives in the Himalayan mountains. NORQAIN donates 10 per cent of the earnings of Neverest sales to the foundation called the Butterfly Help Project, which is running the cause. 

The house also feels strongly about the use of leather in the construction of straps. NORQAIN has never used crocodile leather straps and is now also curbing the use of leather straps. It has strived to only use metallic bracelets, fabric straps or vegan options for its watches. Furthermore, NORQAIN is a CO2-neutral entity that practices sustainable measures in its production processes. The house collaborated with animal behaviourist, entrepreneur, and social media personality Dean Schneider in 2021 in an effort to advance its commitment to using animal-friendly products.