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Perrelet is a heritage watch brand that changed the face of the industry in 1777 with the invention of the first self-winding timepiece. The brand’s founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet’s perpetual fascination with the art of watchmaking led him to devote his entire time from the 1770s onwards to perfecting the mechanism that’ll allow a watch to wind itself. His invention — the automatic watch — enjoys an uncontested status today. It became both a yardstick and defining spirit of the house Perrelet, known today for its avant-garde approach and unparalleled technical merit.


Louis-Frédéric Perrelet – The Prodigious Successor

Abraham-Louis Perrelet was succeeded by his grandson Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, who showed a similar penchant for watchmaking as his grandfather from a very early age. He was trained in Breguet’s workshop and soon became a talented watchmaker with a keen interest in astronomy, physics and science. Indeed, such was his prowess in these fields that in 1815, he designed an astronomical clock that was later presented at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Additionally, he developed a flyback chronograph counter for physics and astronomy that earned him four awards. His patrons included three French kings, and in 1834, he was awarded the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Timepieces That Define Perrelet’s Watchmaking Ingenuity

After staying dormant for a few years, Perrelet was relaunched in 1995 with a creation that would soon become one of its most significant and recognisable hallmarks – the Perrelet Double Rotor. It was a watch deeply rooted in the brand’s ingenious spirit and nodded to its founder’s extraordinary invention. As the name suggests, the calibre powering this timepiece had two rotors. While one conventionally sat inside the case, the other connected to it was positioned on the dial side. The rotor on the dial not only enhanced precision and accuracy but served as a constant reminder of its founder’s achievements. 

The Double Rotor technology also laid the groundwork for another watershed creation that has brought Perrelet its current fanfare. In 2009, the maison achieved a new technical feat, the Turbine model. The dial side rotor of the Double Rotor watch was transformed into a turbine in full bloom. A propeller-like wheel consisting of 12 blades covers the entire dial of the Turbine watch; a wheel that rotates hypnotically with the slightest movement. The Turbine watch instantly became the epitome of technical ingenuity, artistic flair, and visual spectacle. The Perrelet Turbine watch is a fount of constant intrigue on the wrist and remains true to the essence of the house.

Both Double Rotor and Turbine watches have proved to be a constant source of inspiration for the maison. While the Turbine has metamorphosed into bold chronograph, tourbillon, and luxury sport watch iterations, a haute horlogerie skeleton version of the Double Rotor introduced in 2015 ensures the brand’s linchpins keep awing patrons of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.