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  1. SevenfridayM Series

    47 Mm
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  2. SevenfridayM Series

    2020 47 Mm
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  3. SevenfridayQ Series

    2020 49.7 Mm
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  4. SevenfridayP-Series

    2015 47 Mm
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  5. SevenfridayV Series

    2015 49.7 Mm
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  6. SevenfridayP-Series

    2019 47.6 Mm
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  7. SevenfridayP-Series

    2017 47.6 Mm
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  8. SevenfridayV Series

    2018 49.7 Mm
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Not Just Timepieces, but a Life Attitude

SevenFriday brings an unconventional style of watchmaking into the global platform with its groundbreaking creations, introducing futuristic designs, intricately-designed dials, and unique time display as the new paragons of complex horology. An avant-garde visionary, SevenFriday explores the concepts of affordable luxury, the zeitgeist, and industrial-inspired designs in the contemporary moment. Its watches are for the youth who identify with the brand’s philosophy of living every day like it’s Friday.

SevenFriday was founded in 2012 by Dan Niederer as a lifestyle brand that offers eyewear, apparel, and accessories in addition to watches which are a linchpin of the brand. But it’s not just the merchandise that SevenFriday sells. The brand also sells a way of life where you can adopt non-conformity and boldly reject established standards and norms. Originality, creativity, and emotions reign supreme over everything produced by SevenFriday

A fast-growing brand, SevenFriday has successfully established certain instantly recognizable signatures in a very short span of time that has become very popular among watch enthusiasts. SevenFriday watches are distinguishable with unique watch cases that are either square with soft rounded edges or round with squared edges — distorting classic shapes. The case of every SevenFriday watch is contoured by ‘animation rings’ made from various kinds of materials. Many models come equipped with a unique Fast Strap Changer (FSC) mechanism that helps the wearer change straps by merely pressing the pushers. The brand uses a special time display — additioner principle in some of its models. Also, all SevenFriday watches come with an NFC chip that enables the wearer to connect their watch with their smartphone. 

SevenFriday Watch Collections — Asserting Design Supremacy

If SevenFriday watches are works of art, then the dials are the canvas. Each collection by the brand is identifiable with its precisely-designed dial. Skeleton movements and graphic designs bring an awe factor to watches from the T-series collection. They are inspired by the blueprints of the industrial technical department, equipped with two hands and powered by an NH70 calibre. Many new versions of this model use a sunglass lens as the dial. 

M-series is a collection of quirky-looking watches defined by a notable Y motif on the dial. A layered effect, bright hues, and a disc time-reading system give M-series timepieces a futuristic twist. They are powered by an automatic Miyota 8215 movement that gives a power reserve of 40-hours. Watches from the S and P-series share similarities in design with a few differentiating elements. While watches from the S-series have only one disc display, P-series watches have additional discs. A Miyota 82S5 powers S-series timepieces, and a Miyota 82S7 is found in the P-series. 

Preserving the cool appeal of complex dials, watches from the Q, W, and V series weave unconventionality into its design through cushioned-shaped cases that go square at the edges. They are furnished with the FSC system and Miyota movements. 

It comes as no surprise that SevenFriday watches have garnered such a revered presence in the global market in a short while with not just the younger generation (as intended) but collectors as well as its fans. It’s the watch’s originality and precision that continues to foster astonishing results. It won’t be wrong to say that SevenFriday watches are the future of high-end watchmaking.