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  1. Jaquet DrozRegulateur

    2014 43 Mm
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    2020 43 Mm
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Jaquet Droz’s legacy is as magnificent as its contemporary timepieces that come equipped with some of the most difficult-to-produce complications, animation, and mesmerising dials. Their distinctive personality and innate refinement secure a position of high repute in the world of haute horlogerie. 


Jaquet Droz — Outset and Discontinuity

Pierre Jaquet-Droz, born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, developed a keen interest in clockmaking from a very early age and started pursuing it as a profession in 1738. Such was his craft and precision that he went beyond conventional watchmaking to combine music and automata in the movements. 

It wasn't long before he secured a wealthy and influential clientele for himself. In 1758, on the advice of the governor of Neuchâtel, Pierre Jaquet-Droz set off to Spain in a custom-made carriage that carried six clocks. Word spread quickly about the excellence of his work everywhere he went, ultimately leading him to present before the King of Spain. Before returning to Switzerland, he had sold all the clocks he had brought with him. 

Upon returning to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Pierre Jaquet-Droz with his son Henri-Louis and his adoptive son, Jean-Frédéric Leschot began expanding the company. Drawing upon the success of the automata he presented in Spain, he created three iconic humanoid automata: The Writer, The Draughtsman and The Musician, which are to this day reckoned as the founder’s finest works. He travelled to Geneva, Paris, northern France, London, Holland, Lyon and Russia, displaying these marvellous creations. In the subsequent years, the company set up headquarters in London, Geneva, and China, where their luxury timepieces featuring automata, musical mechanisms or other complications and singing birds garnered immense popularity. 

However, in the face of the French revolution, the business started dwindling, eventually resulting in the death of Pierre Jaquet-Droz in 1970 and the untimely passing of his son a year later. Under the only living partner left — Jean-Frédéric Leschot, and due to an adverse economic crisis, the company continued to plummet. It finally ceased trade by 1810.

Revival And The New Jaquet Droz

In 2000, the Swatch Group acquired Jaquet Droz, reviving the horological excellence of its founder and translating it into contemporary timepieces. Every collection introduced since the revival has remained faithful to the legacy of Pierre Jaquet-Droz and is defined by a singular charm. Over the years, Jaquet Droz has established a unique design vocabulary replete with details that have become synonymous with the brand. 

The symbol of infinity — number 8, the founder’s genius automata, and decorative arts are some of the most cherished signatures of a Jaquet Droz watch. Grande Seconde, an icon of the house, displays the charm and fluidity of the house’s lucky number 8 in the most poetic form. Its clean and elegant case carries a straightforward dial with an off-centre hour and minute sub-dial at 12, overlapped by a seconds sub-dial at six — creating the number 8. Another collection that harnesses the allure of this number is the Le Regulateur. It’s a line of regulator watches that employ the conventional method of displaying the hours, minutes and seconds separately to manifest the figure 8 on the dial. 

Other fine watch collections, such as the Charming Bird, Bird Repeater, and Lady 8 Flower, bring the magic of animation into the world of watchmaking. These timepieces with moving birds and flowers are visions of pure joy. However, it’s not just the automation mechanism that makes these exquisite timepieces wonders of horology but Jaquet Droz’s excellence in decorative arts as well. Exceptionally talented and experienced craftsmen fortify the house’s Ateliers d'Art, employing the art of painting, engraving, sculpting, and enamelling to make each creation a watchmaking extravaganza. Also, these decorated dials of Jaquet Droz watches often come kitted with specifically mined materials, further elevating the element of exclusivity.  

In addition to extremely beautiful aesthetics and forms, Jaquet Droz bolsters its select repertoire with high complications. It boasts several fine timepieces featuring a tourbillon, such as Tourbillon SW, Tourbillon Skelet, and more. A minute repeater is another hard-to-produce complication that elevates Jaquet Droz watches. 

The house, currently helmed by Christian Lattman, believes true luxury is rare. Hence, most  Jaquet Droz watches are produced in limited editions, or as the brand puts it — Numerus Clausus editions of generally, 1, 8, 28, or 88 pieces only.