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Roger Dubuis - The History Of The Daring Maison

Founded in 1995, after acquiring 14 years of experience in horology with Patek Philippe, Roger Dubuis founded the company tagging along with Carlos Diaz, a designer for Franck Muller, in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1999, after 4 years of in-house development, they revealed their first set of watches, all of them certified with the prestigious, Poinçon de Genève, one of the oldest horological independent certifications.

The very ideology of the brand stems from the founder himself - continuous innovation whilst exhibiting earnest appreciation for heritage and culture. A resonating illustration of the spirit is evident in their 2005 Excalibur collection, named after the legendary sword of King Arthur. They introduced two exclusive calibres in the world of Haute Horlogerie – minute repeater tourbillon (RD08) and double tourbillon skeleton (RD01SQ).

In 2008, Roger Dubuis was acquired by the Richemont group, with the group having a 60% stake in the company. Eventually, in 2016, the group got hold of the rest of the shares of Roger Dubuis. With this complete shift in power, the brand added a number of striking additions to its portfolio. While the Excalibur collection kept making groundbreaking avant-garde designs, the brand launched the Velvet collection to touch upon the sensuous and contemporary art of extravagance.

In 2017, Roger Dubuis launched Excalibur Spider Carbon and Quatuor Cobalt Micromelt®, using novel technology from the aeronautic and astronomy markets. At the same time, Roger Dubuis referred to two motorsport giants- Lamborghini Squadra Corse and Pirelli- and launched Excalibur Spider Pirelli and the Excalibur Aventador S, the latter containing the five essential components of high-performance race cars. In the following year, Roger Dubuis introduced Excalibur Huracán and the Excalibur Spider Pirelli PitStop edition equipped with novel references to the motorsport names.

Sadly, founder Roger Dubuis passed away in October 2017, leaving behind a rich legacy and grand expectations from the brand.

Roger Dubuis - Technical Sophistication and Aesthetic Leaps

Roger Dubuis timepieces carry the hallmark of an innovative and ardent approach to design and craftsmanship that far exceeds the usual conventions. The brand assembles its timepieces in the Canton of Geneva, where every single component is hand-crafted and bears intricate detail. Once assembled, each timepiece goes through rigorous testing and further certifications to ensure its smooth functionality, water resistance, and precision. The techniques and materials impart the proclaimed ‘virtually unlimited lifespan’ that results in reduced excessive friction and a high degree of durability.

To match its unswerving technical mindset, Roger Dubuis adopts an equally daring aesthetic imprint that exceeds all previously set notions. Different materials, colours, shapes, and components are taken together to craft excellency cased within avant-garde designs. Calibres from Roger Dubuis cover the entire spectrum of horological complexity, adding an array of additional functions in an innovative way. A mere 24,000 of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland each year have the Geneva Hallmark, which portrays the exclusivity the user gets from this brand.

Roger Dubuis Ideology- The Whole World Is Its Stage

Roger Dubuis not only ensures that their products remain exquisite but also keeps them ethical - tied with the thorough responsibility for social and environmental aspects while keeping their quest for the aesthetic and the exclusive intact. Known for their insistence on innovation, Roger Dubuis’ fearless and deterministic attribute challenges traditional watchmaking. Creativity, radical know-how, and boldness are the core characteristics of the brand. Its immediate recognition as a specialist in skeletonized movements is a testimony of Maison's brand value and its position in hyper horology.

But the theatrical approach of the brand is an unmistakable trait that does not remain limited to watchmaking. If the world is a stage, Roger Dubuis knows to perform with excellence. Be it a trade fair, VIP guest dinner, or the retail environment, Roger Dubuis continues to pursue its passion for storytelling and creating dream worlds, and a universe filled with memorable experiences. The hallmark of Geneva is thus not a goal in itself for Roger Dubuis, but rather a stepping stone to the pursuit of excellence.