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Chronoswiss Watches - Master of Creation

Armed with the goal of creating exclusive mechanical timepieces, the birth of Chronoswiss took place at the hands of Gerd R. Lang, in 1983 in Munich. Lang had already garnered experience from creating movements for other brands, before establishing his very own company. The debut watch made at Chronoswiss already pushed the world of horology forward, with the creation of the first-ever mechanical chronograph with a clear crystal case back and moon phase indication. This masterpiece was the first of many more to come.

Only a few years later, in 1988, Chronoswiss released ‘The Régulateur’, another world first. This timepiece featured a unique regulator style display, which separated the minutes, seconds, and hours. It was the world’s very first serially manufactured wristwatch bearing a display of this kind. While this display had been used in instruments like marine chronometers before, with Lang’s vision, the regulator style display could now be wrapped around the wrist.

From 1988 to 1990, Chronoswiss witnessed a lot of progress in quick succession. From the genesis of the company’s trademark case, which featured an onion-shaped crown, fluted bezel, and the use of screws for securing the strap with the lugs, a patented system, to its first automatic movement, named ‘Régulateur Automatique’, Chronoswiss’ growth into becoming one of the leading figures in the world of watches, became unstoppable.

In the following years, Chronoswiss patented plenty of other innovative creations, proving the company is deeply rooted in furthering the art of watchmaking. In the recent history of Chronoswiss, there was a change of hand in the ownership of the brand, with the Swiss family of Ebstein acquiring Chronoswiss. This event took place in 2012 and made Oliver Ebstein the CEO of the company. With its headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland, Chronoswiss has been operating as an elite horological brand, in the ever-evolving world of watchmaking.

Striking The Perfect Balance

Chronoswiss has been able to strike the perfect balance between horological heritage and modernity, which has resulted in the immense popularity of the brand. With the help of polished watchmaking skills, advanced materials, and novel designs, the company has constantly pushed the boundaries of possibilities in horology. This has been further supplemented by the fact that Chornoswiss is able to make its own movements and components.

Several key manufacturing features separate Chronoswiss and make it a brand of its own. For starters, despite technological advancements, the company thoroughly values the beauty imparted by human hands. Hence, at the Chronoswiss workshops in Lucerne, artisans apply the techniques of guilloché, and add enamel to watches using their very own hands.

Another striking characteristic of Chronoswiss is the way its watches are skeletonised, to reveal the mechanical aspects of the pieces. The brand has been a leader in using unique techniques for creating skeleton watches for over 30 years. These techniques have been fine-tuned to create watches with extremely see-through dials that have been achieved by cutting away as much metal as possible and using contrasting materials.

The guilloche dials also bring about a rarity in every single Chronoswiss piece. Interestingly, each guilloche dial is created using a nearly century-old machine, so every Chronoswiss timepiece carries a bit of history with itself.

Chronoswiss Watches - Offering Nothing But Brilliance

With a production rate of about 7,000 exclusive pieces every year, Chronoswiss is a brand that keeps all the collectors and watch enthusiasts on their toes. In recent years, the brand has come up with novel designs and innovations that have once again put the spotlight on its brilliance. For example, the Flying Regulator Night and Day, released in 2019, received the Red Dot Design Award for its unique traits. This watch, with a domed display, features a day and night display, a one-of-a-kind concept, well-fitted with the foundation on which Chronoswiss stands.