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Bovet Watches — A Visual Feast 

Enriching the quest for engineering excellence with a zest for unique craftsmanship, Bovet is a legacy watch brand that produces fine handcrafted watches for true collectors and admirers of luxury. The House of Bovet, founded in 1822 by Edouard Bovet and his brothers, enjoys a unique reputation in the world of watchmaking thanks to its marvellously-designed timepieces that are nothing short of a work of art. Intricate gem-setting, delicate engravings, and miniature paintings that capture beauty at its best define every single timepiece by Bovet. 

It all started when Edouard Bovet travelled to China and sold watches that satiated the fancy of not just the Orient folks but of the Orient royalty as well. Together with his brother and the second generation of the family, Bovet built an empire that became synonymous with collectible artsy watches. Pascal Raffy, who acquired the company in 2001, approached the house’s narrative of craftsmanship and innovation with a contemporary spirit. With an aim to transform the brand into a vertically-integrated company, Raffy established an assembly workshop in the Castle of Môtiers followed by the founding of  Dimier 1738 Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale — a movement manufacturing unit and Bovet manufacture of dials.

Bovet’s Artistic Identity

Beauty and art have been central to Bovet’s identity since the beginning. What started as engravings and miniature paintings on the movements and dials has become a full-grown process involving myriad complex techniques and a throng of exceptional artisans.

Fleurisanne is a technique unique to Bovet that has glorified its watches since the 19th century. Fleurisanne engravings are decorative in nature and are used to adorn the case, dial, and bridges of a movement. Another distinctive element of Bovet watches is the miniature paintings that grace its dials. Using polished lacquers, these paintings are created and transferred to the dial very carefully to complement the dial’s shape and space perfectly.

Precisely-constructed timepieces from the Maison’s two major collections — Bovet Fleurier and Bovet Dimier beautifully — display Bovet’s artistic identity. From the spell-binding guilloché dials of 19Thirty to the three-dimensional moon design of Récital 23 and the enigmatic aura of Miss Audrey (winner of the Ladies’ Watch Prize at the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève), every Bovet watch is a treat to the eyes. 

When Refined Form Meets Avant-Garde Function a Bovet is Born

A Bovet watch is a magical blend of form and function. With well-equipped establishments and expert apprentices, Bovet has achieved ‘engineering brilliance’, as the brand puts it. Early inventions count the introduction of the first-ever exhibition case back and duplex escapement of pocket watches. Whereas the six patents of the Braveheart Tourbillon, presented in 2015, display the brand’s continued efforts to enhance a watch's performance and reliability. 

Another revolutionary innovation by the house of Bovet is the Amadéo system that arms a timepiece with transformative powers. It enables the wearer to convert a wristwatch into a pocket watch, a miniature table clock, and a pendant watch without any professional intervention. 

Select Timepieces for Select Individuals

As much a belief as it is a commitment, Bovet’s legacy of producing exclusive, handcrafted timepieces continues with much pride. Pascal Raffy upheld the brand’s vow of exclusivity by keeping the watch production low and handcrafting around 30% of their watches annually. 

In addition, the brand offers a customisation service where they personalise a watch as per the wishes of its patrons, thereby making the timepiece truly unique and special. 

Important Bovet Collections

  1. Cambiano
  2. Fleurier
  3. Sportster

What is special about Bovet?

Bovet is everything avant-garde, featuring dramatic timepieces informed by an indelible sense of artistry. The house is particularly known for its beautifully engraved dials, transformative cases, and innovative spirit.

Which are the most popular Bovet watch collections in India?

Bovet encompasses two major collections: Fleurier and Dimier, which includes a litany of exquisite timepieces, such as the award-winning Miss Audrey, 19Thirty, and the Récital series.

Where can I buy an authentic pre-owned Bovet watch?

Second Movement is one of India’s leading platforms for buying pre-owned luxury watches with a wide and versatile selection. We guarantee 100% authenticity, a two-year warranty, and a seven-day easy return.

Where can I sell my Bovet watch?

Selling your luxury watch is easy with Second Movement — one of India's most well-organised resale platforms. We have a simple four-step resell process and offer continued support to our customers throughout the journey. Know more.

Where can I get my pre-owned Bovet watch serviced?

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