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Harry Winston Watch- Glorious Beginnings By The Diamond King

The House of Harry Winston is a legendary luxury icon recognized for the pivotal role of gems in jewellery. The brand’s philosophy was fixated on perfecting the stones rather than the metal on which it was set. With the same design philosophy that revolutionized the art of jewellery making, Harry Winston introduced a breakthrough in Swiss horology that was to set a legacy in the world of luxury watchmaking.

In 1989, Harry Winston began watchmaking with its debutant- the Premier collection, which has now become the signature of the House. The collection was aimed specifically at women with the intricate placement of stones and feminine dial designs. Ever since the very beginning, the brand has adhered to its true motive - to establish a rather lavish way of telling time by employing the rare jewels and in-house machinery.

Further additions by the House include the Avenue collection, Emerald collection, Midnight collection, and the Ocean collection, all of which have contributed to shaping a rich portfolio for the brand that encompasses everything; from classical purity to contemporary elegance. While the majority of timepieces are made with elegance as a priority, the Histoire de Tourbillon & Opus collections follow the rich legacy of the founder. Incredibly innovative and daringly technical, the collection embodies the spirit of Mr Winston in order to establish a strong essence of the avant-garde in fine watchmaking.

Harry Winston Watch- The Signature Of The Brand

Harry Winston's timepieces are meticulously designed with a definite theme and a few hallmarks that separate them from the other watches. Each watch contains three arches that allude to the facade of the Harry Winston salon established on Fifth Avenue. Similarly, another telltale sign of a Harry Winston is the emerald shape of diamonds. The founder’s signature diamond-cut is crafted in the impression of an emerald as is visible on the company logo. Furthermore, the Emerald collection is built primarily on the octagonal cut of diamonds and mounted on a case of the same shape. Finally, the recurring colour- blue. The House uses an intense shade of blue that serves as a tribute to the Hope Diamond- Winston’s most historically famous diamond.

Underlying the graceful finish of the timepieces, the House of Harry Winston attempts to reinterpret time by revisiting the art of watchmaking highlighted with their precise use of jewels. For Harry Winston, a watch is no less than a piece of true jewel and is thus completely built from scratch in-house. The House has invented its own alloys- Zalium and Winstonium. The former is an inspiration from the aerospace industry working with a Zirconium alloy to promote lightness, durability, and ward off corrosion. The Winstonium is special platinum named after the founder that imparts a shinier finish.

Harry Winston Watch Ideology- Only The Exceptional

Forever in the quest of the aesthetic, founder Harry Winston chose only the best for his goal was to reach for ‘Only the Exceptional’. One true characteristic found in the DNA of the House of Harry Winston is the ability to transform priceless stones and diamonds into one-of-a-kind pieces through rigorous labour and craftsmanship skills. The same jewellery aesthetic is applied to their timepieces to elevate the standards of time telling on a much higher plane. The watches of all the listed collections are examples of chic sophistication that also keep up with the functionality of the device. Thus, creating a bridge between elegance and technical machinations, Harry Winston will forever strive beyond the imaginable to produce premium timepieces that tell the story of ‘The Diamond King’ - one stone at a time.