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  1. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2018 42 Mm
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  2. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2020 45 Mm
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  3. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2020 42 Mm
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  4. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2019 42 Mm
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  5. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2021 42 Mm
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  6. PaneraiLuminor Due

    2019 42 Mm
    sold out

What is special about Panerai?

Panerai is credited with kicking off the trend for big, oversized watches. Loved for creating a dominating presence on the wrist, adding a statement to the look, and offering easy readability, oversized watches have become a signature style of Panerai coveted by connoisseurs of all ages and tastes.

Which are the most popular Panerai watch collections in India?

Luminor, Radiomir, and Submersible are the most popular Panerai watch collection in India.

How do I know if my Panerai watch is authentic?

A close inspection of the dial can help you differentiate a fake Panerai watch from a real one. On an authentic Panerai watch, the numerals are uniform in size and precise in looks, while fakes lack such precision. The length of the second hand is long enough to touch the contour of the dial in most Panerai watches, a detail often missed by counterfeits.

Where can I buy an authentic pre-owned Panerai watch?

Second Movement is one of India’s leading platforms for buying pre-owned luxury watches with a wide and versatile selection. We guarantee 100% authenticity, a two-year warranty, and a seven-day easy return.

Where can I sell my Panerai watch?

Selling your luxury watch is easy with Second Movement — one of India's most well-organised resale platforms. We have a simple four-step resell process and offer continued support to our customers throughout the journey. Know more.

Where can I get my pre-owned Panerai watch serviced?

You can get your luxury watch serviced at Ethos Watch Care centre. Shop No 118-120, First Floor, Square One Mall, District Center Saket New Delhi - 110017 | Phone: +91 11 4142 1691, +91 93190 95793 | E-Mail: | URL: