Ryan Gosling Channeling Ken-ergy In A Pink TAG Heuer Carrera

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Ryan Gosling Channeling Ken-ergy In A Pink TAG Heuer Carrera

It’s Barbie’s world, and we are just living in it.

The Barbie movie has taken the world by storm since its first promotional poster was released in 2022. This larger-than-life movie promises to transport us to a world where dreams come true, fashion reigns supreme, and pink is the unofficial colour of fabulousness. While the Barbie premiere is all about celebrating the essence of the iconic doll, it’s also a reminder that fashion knows no bounds and can be a playground of joy and self-expression. And our real-life Barbie and Ken, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have been embodying that in every way possible throughout their global promotions for the movie.

Barbie Movie - starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling
Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is set to release on July 21.

Throughout the promotional tour, Margot Robbie fully embraced her identity as Barbie by showing off fabulous looks, including at the memorable South Korean promotion where every item was in a distinct shade. She brought the iconic “Day-to-Night” Barbie outfit to life, complete with the massive brick phone, with a Versace outfit for the Seoul premiere. Similarly, the Australian tour saw her donning a stunning custom Hervé Léger black-and-white mini dress, modelled after the original 1959 Mattel doll and accurate down to the accessories.

Margot Robbie at Barbie movie promotions
Margot Robbie at Barbie movie promotions
Margot Robbie recreated the iconic "Day-to-Night" Barbie outfit and the original 1959 doll look during Barbie movie premieres

And wherever Barbie goes, Ken follows. The international tour was just a peek into how impeccably Ryan Gosling has lived up to the flamboyant nature of Ken. But it’s not just his chiselled jawline and piercing blue eyes that make hearts skip a beat; it’s how effortlessly he pulls off quirky fashion choices that set him apart. Amid promotions for the Barbie premiere, Gosling has caught attention with his pink dial watch that encapsulates the film’s fun-filled spirit – the fresh-off-the-mint TAG Heuer Carrera Date.

Ryan Gosling wearing the TAG Heuer Carrera Date WBN2313.BA0001
Ryan Gosling channelled the flamboyant nature of Ken by wearing a TAG Heuer with a bright pink dial. He wore the TAG Heuer Carrera Date WBN2313.BA0001

An Embodiment of Barbiecore on the Wrist: The TAG Heuer Carrera Date

Red carpet attendees were no doubt dazzled by the stunning visuals and the witty remarks of Ryan Gosling when he made his appearance in Toronto alongside Simu Liu to promote the movie. However, the keen-eyed connoisseurs quickly spotted the exquisite TAG Heuer Carrera Date that graced his wrist. Perfectly complementing the laid-back yet stylish Ken vibe that Gosling oozed so effortlessly, the timepiece was perfect to pair with the cool blue suit, pink shirt, and classic Gucci Horsebit loafers.

Ryan Gosling wearing Gucci and a TAG Heuer Carrera
Ryan Gosling at the Toronto press day, promoting his upcoming flick Barbie, wearing a head-to-toe Gucci ensemble and a TAG Heuer Carrera
Ryan Gosling with Simu Liu in Toronto to promote Barbie
Ryan Gosling with Simu Liu in Toronto to promote Barbie

Labelled an “ambitious icon” by the maison itself, the Carrera Date boasts a simple design that is minimalistic yet flamboyantly sophisticated. It hails from the collection introduced in March 2023 at the Watches and Wonders to celebrate 60 years of the Carrera, along with three other models, each presented with a distinct dial colour.

TAG Heuer Carrera Date in green dial
TAG Heuer Carrera Date in pink dial
TAG Heuer Carrera Date in silver dial
TAG Heuer Carrera Date in blue dial
Carrera Date 36mm models in bold colours released at the 2023 Watches and Wonders

The stunning and unmistakable Carrera Date is a moderate 36 mm, with the lug-to-lug size being 42 mm, for a daintier and sleeker look than the other Carrera options. The latest version boasts an upgraded Calibre 7 automatic movement compared to the last-gen Calibre 5 in the previous versions. The eponymous date function sits at six o’clock as the watch offers a 56-hour power reserve.

TAG Heuer Carrera Date worn by Ryan Gosling
The TAG Heuer Carrera Date, worn by Ryan Gosling, is a moderate 36mm model featuring a pink dial and a three-link bracelet

The bright pink dial also features the brand logo and the Carrera collection mentioned at 12 o’clock. The sleek hour markers and the hands are all crafted in a silver tone matching the steel case, and perfectly complementing the cool-toned pink background. This is the only timepiece in the collection with silver accents, with the other three colour options available with warm rose gold accents on the dial. These hour markers and hands are also equipped with glow-in-the-dark functionality, with the indexes featuring strips on the top and bottom and a thinner strip of the radial material on the hands for clear visibility.

The dial also features a sunburst texture, giving it a statement and subtle sheen. Furthermore, the minute markers are placed at the dial’s circumference for added ease and greater functionality. The crown features the outline of the brand logo for a minimalistic detail, while the fine-brushed finish forwards a chic and refined appearance.

TAG Heuer Carrera Date
The bright pink dial on the Carrera Date features a sunburst texture. It also carries the brand logo and the Carrera signature at 12 o'clock, while the eponymous date function sits at six o'clock

Adding to the classy feel of the model is the exhibition caseback that gives you a peek into the exquisite mechanism. With sapphire crystal glass at the centre, the rim of the back features the brand name and the collection, along with the water resistance and the declaration of the watch being Swiss-made.

TAG Heuer Carrera Date WBN2313.BA0001
The TAG Heuer Carrera Date WBN2313.BA0001 is powered by Calibre 7, which is visible through the exhibition caseback

TAG Heuer and Ryan Gosling

What makes the appearance of this stunning timepiece on the promotional tour of Barbie even more memorable is the fact that Ryan Gosling has been a brand ambassador of the Swiss watchmakers since 2021. Considering his very first endorsement campaign was for another Carrera collection, it was only fitting that the brand had a pink one to celebrate the vivacious Ken-ergy that the actor so perfectly embodied.

Ryan Gosling is the official brand ambassador of TAG Heuer
Ryan Gosling became the official brand ambassador of TAG Heuer in 2021

As we eagerly await the Barbie premiere on 21 July, it is the perfect moment to appreciate Ryan Gosling’s impeccable style with the simple yet stunning Carrera Date. So, bring out your fun side and embrace your inner Ken with the Carrera Date.

In Gosling’s own words, “You are Ken-ough!”


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