How To Ensure Your Pre-Owned Cartier Watch Is Authentic?

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How To Ensure Your Pre-Owned Cartier Watch Is Authentic?

Synonymous with luxury and elegance, Cartier watches embody and exhibit a timeless charm with recognisable silhouettes and memorable details. Carved with unparalleled craftsmanship and backed by high-precision mechanisms, Cartier watches offer a seamless blend of form and function. From Cartier Tank, the favourite piece of the Late Princess Diana, Clark Gable, and Audrey Hepburn, to the Cartier Crash, one of Kanye West’s most beloved pieces, the brand holds an important place in both history and pop culture.

Princess Diana in Cartier Tank
Cartier Tank is one of the most celebrity-approved Cartier watches. One of the most famous patrons of the watch was Princess Diana, who harboured a keen fascination for Cartier Tank watches and was spotted wearing one frequently

Much like the Tank, the Panthère collection is another that is loved by celebrities for its entirely metallic design, from the straps to the dial. From Pierce Brosnan to Madonna, the Panthère has a fan following of its own. However, while the Tank and Panthère collections are known for their presence in celebrity circles, the four-sided Santos collection is renowned for being the first watch worn by a pilot. Allowing pilots to tell the time accurately without taking their hands off the controls, Santos holds a special place in the world of aviation. Furthermore, Ballon Bleu is a piece that men and women love for its unique case shape. Epitomising the four creative focuses of Cartier in its perfectly round design, namely purity, precision, detail, and accuracy, this collection is yet another jewel in Cartier’s crown.

Santos de Cartier
Panthère de Cartier
Pasha de Cartier
Ballon de Cartier
In addition to the Cartier Tank, the following are the most popular Cartier watch collections — (clockwise) Santos de Cartier, Pasha de Cartier, Ballon de Cartier, and Panthère de Cartier

However, in equal regard to how loved these watches are, they also make a very lucrative target for imitations and replicas. So, if you are not careful, you may end up paying the price of a premium watch for a piece that is far from premium. Here are some ways to spot a fake Cartier watch. Closely inspecting a few particular elements can help ensure that your collection only has the most genuine pieces.

The Signature Touches Of Blue

Most Cartier watches are furnished with understated dials adorned in muted hues. Hence, to add character to such dials, Cartier colours the hour and minute hands in a vivid shade of blue — an element that has become a key aesthetical feature. One will find the blue hands in most Tank, Santos, Panthère, Ballon Bleu, and Ronde de Cartier watch. The blue is deep and matte and adds a touch of royalty to the appearance of every single model. Interestingly, the same shade of blue appears in the cabochon that adorns the crown of Cartier watches. The stunning blue gemstone is bright, solid, and has a matte sheen, yet another element you would see in almost every Cartier watch.

So, to spot a fake Cartier, one can examine the blue hands and compare the shade of blue between a fake and a real one. Also, verify the quality of the cabochon set on the crown.

Spot a Fake Cartier Tank
Cartier Ballon Bleu
Blue-hued hands and the cabochon on the crown are recognisable signatures of Cartier watches. Inspect the shade of blue on the hands and the quality of the stone to check the authenticity of your watch

Guilloché Decorations On The Dial

Cartier has placed a number of signature elements in its watches to keep counterfeiters from replicating them accurately. And probably one of the most challenging elements to replicate is the guilloché pattern that graces the dial. The guilloché decorations, in the case of Cartier, are the consistent and repetitive ripples throughout the dial, lending a slight texture and depth even to the simplest-looking timepieces. Starting from the very centre and expanding as they move outwards, these guilloché patterns are another classic element that you can use to spot a fake Cartier.

Spot a Fake Cartier Tank
The guilloché pattern on the dial of Cartier watches is a meticulous design, extremely difficult to replicate. Poorly-done patterns with irregular nuances are a telltale sign of inauthenticity

Inscriptions On The Caseback

You know your Cartier is genuine when it contains all the necessary information on the caseback. Genuine Cartier watches have a few details inscribed in the highest-quality engraving to help you make sure your timepiece is authentic. The first element is the Cartier logo at the very top. It should declare its “Swiss Made” origins. Following this, it should also say that it is “Water Resistant” and mention the model number, which can range from six to eight digits. Watches made from gold should also let you know the purity of the gold used clearly, while those made from stainless steel also specify the same.

Signature inscriptions on the caseback of different Cartier watches…

Spot a Fake Cartier - Ballon de Cartier
Spot a Fake Cartier - Calibre de Cartier
Cartier Tank
Spot a Fake Cartier - Santos de Cartier
Spot a Fake Cartier - Panthère de Cartier

While you need to check for these elements, you also need to ensure that the engravings are neat and clear. If your watch has unclear, slapdash engravings, it can be considered a telltale sign of counterfeits. Also, check if the letters and words are equally spaced and are engraved deeply, with their appearance similar to one printed directly onto the back of your watch.

Neatly Placed Screws

Screws are another signature element in most Cartier watches. Be it the caseback, the lugs, or the bezel, Cartier uses ergonomic flathead screws in multiple ways, from functional to aesthetical purposes. So, if you notice screws are not flathead or seem to have been stamped on, then your Cartier is probably fake. Similarly, if your watch has a snap back instead of one fixed with screws, that can also be a sign that your Cartier is not genuine.

spot a fake Cartier watch
spot a fake Cartier watch
spot a fake Cartier watch
Screws are another signature element in most Cartier watches. If you notice screws are not flathead or seem stamped on, then your Cartier is probably fake

Consistent Diamond Setting

If you love a little bling in everything you own, go for a diamond-studded Cartier watch. But with such timepieces, one must be especially careful to ensure you don’t end up with a counterfeit. One should check the stones for consistency. Genuine Cartier watches studded with diamonds would have all the stones in a consistent clarity, carat, and on the same cut. Inspect if the settings are clean, and the diamonds should be either completely or almost colourless. Even the most subtle differences in either of these specifications can indicate that the watch is not real.

Panthere de Cartier for women

Cartier uses only brilliant-cut diamonds of high clarity and grade in its jewellery and watches. Hence, before you buy a watch, get the diamonds checked for quality to ensure you're getting the real deal

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spot a fake Cartier watch
Additionally, the level of craftsmanship is unparalleled on each Cartier watch. Therefore, examine the setting of diamonds, it should be impeccable and precise

The Substantial Heft

While it goes without saying, Cartier uses only the best material for all its creations. It means that the weight of the timepiece should denote the same. So, whether your selected watch is in stainless steel or gold, its quality should reflect in its heft. Apart from the base material, the dial in Cartier watches is protected by sapphire crystal glass to protect the intricate mechanism while being scratch-resistant. So, if the glass on your Cartier is very lightweight and gets scratched easily, you might be in possession of a fake.

With a history of over 100 years, Cartier has perfected its watchmaking art, creating stunning pieces that have stood the test of time. And while counterfeit replicas have cropped up throughout its glorious history, Cartier’s signature elements have made it easy to ensure you don’t have to go home with a counterfeit. So, keep these tips to spot a fake Cartier in mind and ensure that your watch collection only has timepieces of their true value.


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