The Strong And Solid Panerai Watches And How To Spot The Real One

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The Strong And Solid Panerai Watches And How To Spot The Real One

Panerai watches are a seamless fusion of Italian style, Swiss technology, and a fascination with the sea, as they were initially engineered for deep underwater use. Tradition and the sea world are the touchstones of Panerai’s core DNA. Its timepieces commemorate a long historical connection with the Royal Italian Navy and incorporate instantly identifiable design features that crystallise Panerai’s status as an iconic brand in high-end sport watchmaking. The key characteristics that set a Panerai watch apart from other timepieces are its crystal-clear legibility and nighttime illumination. There isn’t a premium Swiss watch that resembles a Panerai with its distinctive protective bridge over the crown, cushion-shaped case with a flatter, wider bezel, and sturdier lugs. The brand has produced timepieces with remarkable craftsmanship and a high aesthetic appeal. 

Most impartial observers appear to think that all Panerai watches are glaringly alike since practically every Panerai watches is inspired by dive timepieces developed in the early 20th century for the Royal Italian Navy. They have characteristic design elements, such as leather straps, straightforward displays with big luminous hands and hour markers, and robust cases. Over the years, Panerai has refined its timepieces by incorporating new materials and technologies while preserving its iconic design DNA.

How To Spot A Fake Panerai Watch?

Pay Close Attention To The Case And The Crown

The case of the Panerai watch is quite distinctive. Hence, both the shape and size can be used to spot a fake Panerai. An iconic design element of the Panerai case is its circular cushion form. The case should have slightly curved corners but not overly boxy or rounded. The measurement and proportions in high-end luxury watches like the ones from Panerai are extremely precise. A watch’s size is commonly inaccurate by 1 to 1.5mm when duplicated. Counterfeiters frequently get the case’s proportions wrong.

Panerai Luminor
The telltale sign of an authentic Panerai is an asymmetrical cushion-shaped case with a distinctive protective crown bridge

Check The Caseback For Serial Numbers

The caseback is another feature that distinguishes a fake Panerai watch from the real one. A Panerai’s caseback can be closed or exhibition-style, but each of them displays the serial number and a few other essential details. An authentic Panerai watch will have a serial number that starts with BB, a case number that begins with OP, and a  material indication engraved on the caseback. Each engraving should be of the highest clarity and must show unfaltering legibility and precision.

Panerai Watch Serial Number
An authentic Panerai watch will have a serial number, a case number, and a material indication engraved on the caseback

Evaluate The Dial’s Specifications

Start with the dial when determining whether the watch is authentic Panerai. It is how watch experts immediately recognise warning signs of fraud. A skilled eye can easily judge the subdials’ location, the length of the hands, and the shape of the numeral markers. Genuine Panerai timepieces have the exact and specific text and numbers in font and weight. On replicas, the numbers might not be spaced and sized consistently, giving the piece a less streamlined appearance. Additionally, most Panerai watches should have the second hand almost touch the dial’s edge, but some have it land directly above the marking.

Panerai Luminor
Panerai Luminor GMT
Panerai Luminor GMT Watch
Panerai Automatic Watch
Panerai Watch

Panerai Watches: Blend Of Italian Style And Swiss Artisanship

Giovanni Panerai established his first store and workshop in Florence in 1860. It was also the first watchmaking school in the city. For many years, Panerai provided the Italian Navy in general and its specialised diving corps in particular with high-quality instruments. In 1956, the company created the GPF-2/56 diving watch, which became known as the ‘Egyptian’ since it was given to the Egyptian Navy with the Italian Navy’s permission. The brand now expertly combines Swiss horological know-how with Italian architectural panache to create its movements and watches. Design-wise, Panerai watches are unique; they are uncluttered, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Panerai Watches
Panerai expertly combines Swiss horological know-how with Italian architectural panache to create its movements and watches. Every timepiece carries an uncluttered, practical, and aesthetically-pleasing design
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A Panerai watch became the official timepiece of the Italian Navy due to its simple legibility. Only made accessible to civilians in 1993, Panerai watches are renowned in the contemporary age for their functional simplicity, historical layout inspiration, and big fan following. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the notable sports, political, and entertainment figures that have been spotted wearing Panerai watches. The Richemont group, a consortium of premium brands, in the spring of 1997 acquired Panerai watches. As a result, Panerai’s distribution network was streamlined, and it became a well-known premium sports brand on a global scale. Panerai gained popularity in the horology industry with the following collections:


In 1936, Panerai created the Radiomir as a prototype at the behest of the Royal Italian Navy, which had been looking for “a unique luminous watch for divers.” The Panerai Radiomir timepieces feature wire lugs, a distinctive design that joins the straps to the case. Unlike the Luminor versions, which feature a patented crown protection system, the Radiomir watches have traditional knurled crowns. The Panerai Radiomir range features dial widths ranging from 42mm to 49mm, hand-wound mechanical or automated mechanical movements, and anti-reflective, scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass. The legacy left by the first Radiomir watches is applaudable and is held in high regard by watch aficionados. This line’s contemporary timepieces are strikingly reminiscent of the classic timepieces that the Maison created for the Italian military.

Panerai Radiomir
Panerai Radiomir


The Luminor gets its name from a proprietary luminous material. What sets it apart from the Radiomir model is the large bridge that protects the crown, making it one of the most renowned watches in the world. The Luminor collection was introduced to the general public in 1993. Inspired by the original craft and design of the Luminor, Panerai Luminor Due is a reinterpretation of the classic model from the 1950s, with a sleek case and a dressier appeal. Apart from the conventional date and small-seconds, a Luminor Due also features a bevy of other implications, such as moon phase, GMT, day-night indicator, and more.  

Panerai Luminor
Panerai Luminor and Panerai Luminor Due


Submersible, formerly a subset of the Luminor collection, emerged as an individual line in 2019. The Submersible is Panerai’s most contemporary dive watch and features a diver-style dial, a rotating time bezel, and a water resistance rating of at least 300 metres. The Panerai Submersible timepieces are professional diver watches that seek inspiration from the brand’s heritage and look toward the future by showcasing cutting-edge technological solutions. They are sturdy and durable, with unmatched visibility even at vast depths and a striking aesthetic.

Panerai Submersible
Panerai Submersible

Wrapping Up

Panerai is the top watchmaker for deep-sea diving, with every technological proficiency imaginable. Oversized timepieces have emerged as a defining style of Panerai, sought by collectors of all generations and tastes as they exude confidence on the wrist, make a statement, and offer simple readability.


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